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"Took the online class for the glass tube pendant. Then I HAD to purchase the DVD. I just love love love the technique and having so much fun creating little wearable works of art. Great technique..great DVD!! Just a total fan." Lena Pheffer

"I did it! I really did it! Of course, it was due to a very patient and helpful teacher! I walked into the class with a soldering iron and left with a necklace that has become one of my favorites!" Carolyn Dube


"I so enjoyed the class I took with Cat Kerr last year at art is you. She is easy to follow, demos each step and gives each student the personal attention if, when needed. Cat is a generous teacher. .." Patti Delaney Gelinas


"As a HUGE fan of Cat's work I couldn't wait to take an in person class with her...although I was a little nervous about that soldering iron.NO worries there...Cat gave me the confidence and guidance to try something new and I LOVE what I made!" Maria McGuire


 "I had soooo much fun in 2 of Cat's classes last year! She is everything listed above! Amazing teacher and person. Can't wait to see her again."  Terry Fryer


"I attended Cat’s first AIY class in 2013. Cat covered several techniques – Embossing metal, soldering, clear resin, silicon molds, casting resin, and rub on decals. We used all of these techniques and each student finished multiple pieces using all of these. Cat’s instructions were clear and she was generous with her time. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and have continued to use all of the techniques Cat taught." Judy Hand Pitts 


"Cat is an inspiring, effervescent instructor. We laugh and giggled our day away creating the most delightful jewelry. That's the magic of the wonderful teacher she is." Betti Zucker


"I had the pleasure of attending Cat Kerr's 'Soldered Tube Pendant' class in Stamford at the Art Is...You art retreat in October 2013. I have been soldering art jewelry and other decorative elements for a couple of years, and was interested to learn Cat's technique. She is an intuitive teacher, gauging the students needs effortlessly and imparting a wealth of knowledge without overwhelming. At one point in the class there were several students in different stages of the process, she went around and gently guided them through their obstacles. We all completed our projects, although that's a rare thing at art retreats.

I was so inspired by her that I continued to work with these glass tubes and to date have made over 15 of them as gifts. She gave me the knowledge I went seeking, and added her generosity, professionalism and graciousness. I will definitely be seeking her classes out as I prepare for my retreats this year." Edie Malin


"Perfection. That's the only way to describe Cat and all her classes. First, the classes are FILLED with tons and tons of information. It's all presented in an easy to understand and interesting way. Plus, with all the instruction, you are able to recreate the techniques on your own. Cat has a simply endearing way of speaking. She is so generous with information. She is always available to offer help, advice or just to root you on. The only negative is when the class is over! You want more!!!" Lena Pfeffer

To date, I have taken Easy Solder Casting, Wave Soldered Pendants, Inspirational Pendants, and My Home Song classes that Cat Kerr kindly offers. For an online course, her classes are extremely easy to follow along and I love that she shows different angles to try and make sure that you can see exactly what she is doing. She is very giving with her information and I appreciate the work that goes in to not only creating the classes, but the additional assistance she provides her students who may have questions. Unlike many learn on your own courses, Cat has always been available, responsive and helpful for any questions I have asked – and I love this about Cat. She is an amazing teacher, mentor, and now friend. I would highly recommend any of her classes to anyone that was interested in learning the techniques, you certainly won’t be disappointed! Leila West


"I’ve taken quite a few online & in-person jewelry/mixed-media classes over the years, and I must say that Cat’s are some of the best. I’ve taken 3 of her online workshops, and they’ve all been wonderful. Her projects are always lovely and fun to create. Her videos demo the techniques step-by-step (perfect combination of verbal/visual instruction), and she provides lots of tips/resources. Cat is a fun, generous instructor who is readily available to help. Beginners will find her classes unintimidating and easy to follow, and those with more experience can still learn from her unique style & techniques. Her Winged Seed Pendants mixed media workshop was so much fun. I wanted to go out of my usual metal-related comfort zone, and this workshop was perfect. There was just enough of each step/technique (sewing, resin casting, adding color, etc.) in the project to allow you to learn without being overwhelmed…really enjoyed this class. While I already had experience working with various soldering techniques, the additional knowledge I gained from both her Easy Solder Casting & Glass Tube Pendants workshops have allowed me to improve and build on my own technique…and of course, the projects were fabulous and fun to make! Cat is an amazing teacher and person…..I can’t recommend her classes highly enough!!" Mari Torres

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