On Demand Workshops

If you're interested in any of these workshops email me at catkerr92@gmail.com for details.

Dare Something Worthy Bezels

  • Learn the basics of using and maintaining a soldering iron

  • Make two soldered Bezel Pendants 1-1 1/2” Heart 1-2” Petal

  • learn how to create a bezel

  • learn how to personalize your pendant

  • learn about patina and doming resin



Major Tom Assemblage

This workshop was inspired by the 2013 movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. There's a scene in the movie that I have played over and over in my head. In it, Walter has to make a decision whether or not to muster up his courage and head into the unknown. During that same scene, the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie plays in the background. In the song David sings about a fictional astronaut named Major Tom and like Walter, Major Tom is off on an adventure. Unclear of what the future may bring,these two characters,face their fears and head into the unfamiliar. It might seem like a strange place to start a piece of Art,but this scene made such an impact on me. I'm constantly struggling with stepping out of my comfort zone and making decisions...but I'm slowly learning...to loose sight of the shore. This assemblage is my reminder to face the fear and take action.




Faux Etched Metal 

I love the look of Etched Metal! But sometimes I just dont want to take out all the supplies needed to achieve such a look. This faux etched metal technique is a wonderful way to achieve the same kind of print with out the hassle of all the steps. Plus,we finish the pendant by covering it with a layer of resin and other tiny findings to seal your piece and give it even more dimension.

Face It Assemblage 

Lets Face it..there is way to much crazy going on inside this noggin that I'd care to admit! This workshop was inspired by the all the multitude of idea's (creative and otherwise)that pop into the “Artist” brain. I only wish my hands would work as fast as the ideas that pop into my head! 

In this class we will add texture to a face Shrine kit by adding layers of findings and covering them in assorted paints and shine!

She Flies with Her own Wings Book Pendant

I created this little book treasure as a reminder to myself that I have everything I need, already inside of me, to keep moving forward. We often forget that inside of us is the not only the power to Dream, but also the power to work hard and live the life we imagine for ourselves. The hard part, is getting over the fear of the unknown. I find comfort in the words “her own wings” because it reminds me that deep inside I have the power to accept fear for what it really is and then push through it without the need for success, but instead for the desire to experience and learn something new.That, is what my wings look like. They are shaped with an eagerness to learn and willingness to loose sight of the shore.


The Collector 3.jpg

The Collector

These soldered bezel pendants were inspired by the dream of what was once lost, is now found. 


I hope you can join me as we gather and journal, stitch, and solder. 


In this workshop you will:

*Gather assorted bits and make your own mini journal 

*learn the basics of iron soldering

*create your own triangle bezel

*learn about patina and care

*create a round crystal charm

Easy Solder Casting 

This casting technique is as easy as they come, but I assure you, the end result is clean and quite spectacular! For many years, I’ve tried to narrow down a casting technique that I felt comfortable with. I’ve never taken a class on this, I’m no expert on casting, but I have spent many hours and sleepless nights trying to figure out an easy way to make solder shapes. I’ve tried other casting methods and simply found them to be too difficult with undesirable results. I’m an Easy Peasy kind of Artist, I like working fast, but with beautiful results and I especially enjoy learning and teaching techniques that can be used in multiple ways in multiple projects.

In this class you will learn:

  • The basics of using a Soldering iron

  • To cast small solder charms

  • To shape, patina and clean the charms

  • Make multiple cast pendants

Cat Kerr Everyday Words 2.jpg

I'll admit it...I'm obsessed with the Gel Press! The truth is, once I start mono-printing, it's really hard for me to stop! What I love most is how fun, fast and easy it is! You can work on multiple prints at one time, and before you know it you have a huge lot of prints ready to use in all sorts of ways!


I hope you can join me in my “Everyday Words” chipboard book workshop. We'll first “play” with the Gel Press. You'll learn easy mark-making techniques using assorted objects found lying around the house as well as using wonderful stencils, Art Foamie Stamps and so much more. We'll then create multiple page inserts using the Gel Press, assorted Deco Arts Paints, Tim Holtz cutouts and more. Then we'll move on to the cover. It will be embellished with the newly cast centerpiece created by making a mold out of an assorted found bits, ultimately ending up with a simple chipboard book that packs a punch!

Everyday Words Chipboard Journal

I am, I am, I am 

3 Panel Brass Pendant

Cat Ker I am I am I am 1.jpg

Inspired by the Sylvia Plath Quote "I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am, I am, I am."

Constantly struggling to find my voice in this creative world, this quote is a gentle reminder, that even though there are many voices telling me to do this or to do that, I have to stay true to the one voice that calls the loudest, mine. My heart knows the way.


This is a 3 panel metal and fiber pendant. The first panel is Faux Etched Brass with handwritten text and then covered in a layer of resin. I call it "Faux" Etched because it's not the traditional way of etching. This technique involves Ink, Patina and Acetone. The second layer is a faux etched brass heart mounted on to felt. The third layer is a a faux etched eye mounted on to an assortment of fabric scraps. There are also three tiny bezels on the chain with text and resin. Once all the components are finished, they are assembled to create a book like pendant and the chain is attached.

On Demand

"Intro to Soldering" 

2 hr Mini class

Sweet Solder Charms


This is a wonderful introduction to iron soldering.In this three hour mini workshop you will:

Learn the basics of iron soldering

Learn how to prepare metal for soldering

Make two soldered charms(a circle and a flower)

Learn about adding texture and words to the solder

Learn about Patina


To schedule a class email me at catkerr92@gmail.com


Soldered Bangles


This class is a wonderful introduction to iron soldering. In this 3 hr. workshop I will share the basics of iron maintenance and soldering. You will make two soldered bangles that will be ready to wear by the end of the class. All materials included.


In this class you will:

  • Learn the basics of iron soldering

  • Learn how to prepare metal for soldering

  • Shape two bangles

  • Solder two bangles

  • Learn about Solder Patina

  • Add Metal color Patina

To schedule a class email me at catkerr92@gmail.com