This page is currently inactive. Unfortunately, the online venue that originally housed my workshops has closed. 

Until I find a new venue I cannot offer these classes. 



I created this little book treasure as a reminder to myself that I have everything I need, already inside of me, to keep moving forward. We often forget that inside of us is not only the power to Dream but also the power to work hard and live the life we imagine for ourselves. The hard part is getting over the fear of the unknown. I for one, am scared of everything. I'm afraid of not trying, of working hard with no guarantee of success, of making a complete fool of myself...yes, I fear it all. However, I find comfort in the words “her own wings” because it reminds me that deep inside I have the power to accept fear for what it really is and then push through it without the need for success, but instead for the desire to experience and learn something new. Fear can be a very good thing, it helps me to focus, it helps me to push harder,...and by turning it into a motivator instead of a roadblock “it” becomes less scary. This knowledge allows me to walk outside of my comfort zone and take chances. That is what my wings look like. They are shaped with an eagerness to learn and willingness to lose sight of the shore.

In this video tutorial, you will learn step by step how to create your very own Polymer Clay Book Art Pendants! The video is approx. 45 minutes long and it is in four video segments. I will walk you through creating three books as well as multiple cover options and two hanging charms.

$65 This class is currently only available for purchase through my private Youtube page if you are interested, email me at

I love Shadowboxes...especially itty bitty ones that you can wear around your neck! I love that you can customize them and fill them with your personal photos and tiny keepsakes or you can keep them generic with vintage photos and inspirational words. My twist on the traditional shadowbox is that I love incorporating layers and by doing so I end up with a piece that offers dimension. This almost always causes the onlooker to pause and step in for a closer look and there's no better compliment than that! 

In this class you will:

•Make a shadowbox Frame

•Learn the basics of using a Soldering iron

•Learn about using Patina

•Incorporate multiple layers to add dimension

•Solder the frame and glass

•Learn the basics of using a clear doming resin


For the online version of this workshop, you can go here


The Original "Whimsical Dress Pendants" were inspired by the July/August 2013 cover of Somerset Studio. The cover had a photo of a painting created by the amazing artist Sue Pelletier ( The focal of the painting was a fun, bright, pink and yellow dress. Just looking at it made my whole body feel happy! 

I wanted to carry that feeling around with me the rest of the day and so inspired by her art, and the desire to keep that feeling alive, I created these pendants. 

In this class you will: 
•Create a totally unique dress fabric print
•Learn the basics of using a soldering iron 
•Create a soldered Dress Frame
•Hand stitch the Dress and Frame together and add embellishments 
•Learn basic wire working and assemble the necklace.


For the online version of this class go here.

In this fun mini video tutorial, you will learn step by step how to create your very own Textured Solder Charms! The video is 22 minutes long and it is in two video segments. I will walk you through creating the charms, adding texture and patina.

I will email you the links(to the email attached to your Etsy account) to the two video Segments and a PDF Material List within 24 hours. The video is fully downloadable for you to keep. I only ask that you do not share this video once you have purchased it.


This tutorial is currently only available on my private Youtube page, to purchase email me at 

"Glass Tube Soldered Pendants" with Cat Kerr will show you how to transform a mini glass tube into a totally unique rustic treasure to wear around your neck.

In this class, I will discuss how to set up your work station and the basics of working with a soldering iron. You will learn how to attach solder caps with jump rings to the glass tubes you and will also learn how to make personalized handmade soldered charms to hang from each pendant. Once the components are completed we will patina and clean the caps and charms.Lastly, we will work on the outside of the glass, giving each pendant a dimensional feel.

Keep in mind that each pendant is unique and personal. Even though the focus of this class is to work on the outside of the glass, the pendant holds even more meaning with the treasures it carries within the delicate glass walls. These pendants can be filled with personal items such as letters, or memorabilia, they can also be filled with vintage findings like watch parts and rusty doodads. I have even filled some with assorted items like confetti, and seed beads, the options are endless.


In this class you will:

-Get the basics of working with a soldering iron.

-Fill the tubes with small items, letters, personal treasures, whatever you like.

-Solder Caps on to Glass Tubes.

-Create personalized rustic solder charms to hang from each pendant.

-Work with Patina.

-Assemble your Necklaces!!


For the online version go here


"Easy Solder Casting"

This casting technique is as easy as they come, but I assure you, the end result is clean and quite spectacular! For many years, I’ve tried to narrow down a casting technique that I felt comfortable with. I’ve never taken a class on this, I’m no expert on casting, but I have spent many hours and sleepless nights trying to figure out an easy way to make solder shapes. I’ve tried other casting methods and simply found them to be too difficult with undesirable results. I’m an Easy Peasy kind of Artist, I like working fast with beautiful results and I especially enjoy learning and teaching techniques that can be used in multiple ways in multiple projects.

In this class, you will be making two projects.

  • 1-Solder Charm Leather Bracelet

  • 2-Large Copper Frame Pendant

In this Class you will learn:

  • The basics of using a Soldering iron and Butane torch

  • To cast small solder charms

  • To shape, patina and clean the charms

  • Create a leather bracelet

  • How to create a pendant using your castings

  • How to add texture to solder


To get the Online Version go here

"Inspirational Pendants"

As a mixed media artist I love incorporating all sorts of materials into one project. Mixing it up with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and happily coming up with something that harmoniously comes together in the end. As was the case with my “Inspirational Pendants”. 

These pendants were originally inspired by Acrylic Word Stamps that I simply fell in love with. I knew that I had to figure out a way how to use them, and somehow fuse them in my mixed media jewelry. Determined to do it, I began adding layers of resin and fabric, creating a totally delicious pendant full of texture, feeling and Inspiration.

In this class 

  • You will combine hard and soft elements like cool copper and warm fabric scraps.

  • You will learn how to etch a word/ image on to metal

  • You will add two layers of resin to your pendant, embedding assorted findings in between the layers, which will add even more depth to your pendant

  • You will machine stitch a bed if fabrics to lay your pendant in

  • You will create a necklace by combining trim and wire wrapping

When finished, you will be wearing something that not only inspires you but the world around you. Hope to see you there!


To get the online version of this class go here.

The Collector 3.jpg

"The Collector"

These soldered bezel pendants were inspired by the dream of what was once lost, is now found. 


I hope you can join me as we gather and journal, stitch, and solder. 


In this workshop you will:

*Gather assorted bits and make your own mini-journal 

*learn the basics of iron soldering

*create your own triangle bezel

*learn about patina and care

*create a round crystal charm

To get more information on this class go here!

The Collector 2.jpg